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Our mission is to provide you with a great shopping experience.

With that in mind, we work with the best online payment systems to ensure that any payment carried out on OGPAL is 100% secure.

These trusted partners, of which the reputation needs no introduction, are listed below:

Pay With Skrill

Skrill, one of world's leading digital payments companies with over 36 million account holders, has been allowing payments as well as moving transfers to be made through the Internet since 2001. Providing services in more than 200 countries and 40 currencies at a low cost and always in a secure way, Skrill protects your personal financial details & makes your online payments simple, fast and safe.

Pay With PayPal

PayPal is the undisputed leader in online payments, with over 100 million accounts in 190 countries all over the world. Paypal has been earning the trust of its buyers and sellers thanks to the security it ensures, and has been used by reputable transaction platforms like eBay. 

Pay By Credit card


The payment by credit card on OGPAL is completely secure. 
If your bank has implemented the authentication protocol that enhances the security of online payments, you will be asked to provide additional personal information (your date of birth for example).

Pay By Prepaid Card

Prepaid card is both a secure and convenient payment method. 

Without entering any payment or personal information details, payment is be easily and safely made.

Pay By Paysafecard

Buy Paysafecard cards at over 480.000 sales outlets all over the world, and use them in order to quickly, simply and safely pay at thousands of online shops, including OGPAL of course!
As its name mentions it, Paysafecard is safe because you do not have to give any personal information about yourself or your credit card details. 
Your privacy remains completely protected at all times with Paysafecard!

Pay By Cashu

CashU is a safe payment method specially tailored to suit online shoppers all Arabic-speaking countries.
Much easier to get than credits cards, CashU offers secure, accessible and easy-to-use payment solutions.

Pay By OneCard

Launched in Saudi Arabia in 2004, OneCard aims at providing a hassle-free Internet shopping experience to Middle East online consumers by customizing its offers depending on its customers’ culture and society.

Pay By Telephone/SMS

With this payment method, no registration is required, as only your mobile phone number will be asked. And because there is no personal data attached to this number, the payment is completely anonymous and thus 100% secured.

Pay By Bank Transfer
With the bank-to-bank wire transfer, account holders need to prove their identity. 
Information contained in wires is transmitted securely through encrypted communications methods. The payments are then directly sent to the recipient’s bank without the intervention of any third-party institution.

Other Secure Payment Methods
Because we want to be thorough when offering you the best services, many other secure payment methods are available on OGPAL:
With SOFORT Banking, online shopping payments are convenient and secure.
You can use your own online banking login details, which are highly secured thanks to a multi-level authentication process and a confirmation code that has a one-time validity only.


Pay By Carte Bleue

Carte Bleue is a major debit card payment system in France. It works like a credit card but the cardholder does not have to pay any fee. When using a Carte Bleue at a French merchant, transactions are verified and authenticated, hence secured. 


Pay By Giropay

GiroPay is a quick, secure and simple solution to process payments online. 
This payment method, suited for German consumers, is based on the PIN and TAN procedures of the banking process.

  Pay By Cartasi

CartaSi is the most frequently used credit card in Italy for online purchases. 

This Italian credit card has an impressive 40% share of the market with over 7 million cardholders.


Pay With Dankort

The dankort is the national debit card of Denmark and allows its users to purchase on the Internet and by telephone. With a high level of security control, payment frauds and usurpation are rapidly detected.

Pay With Euro 6000

Euro 6000, S.A. is a Spanish company that both provides consumers and businesses (regardless of their size) with debit and credit cards. These cards are intended to be a replacement for notes and coins in small-value payments. 

Pay With 4B

4B system focuses its efforts on ensuring the quality of its services by offering the highest level of security, adapting its offer to the needs of the market & using the major advanced technologies.

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