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Because your support does matter to us, we want to express our gratefulness by rewarding you: by just purchasing on OGPAL, you can not only enjoy extra discounts, but you can also earn points that can then be redeemed on OGPAL to pay for your orders. 

The number of points you get equals the amount of your order and is bound to the currency you will have used to pay your order:

1 EUR purchase = 1 OGPAL point = 0.01 EUR gained
1 USD purchase = 1 OGPAL point = 0.01 USD gained
1 GBP purchase = 1 OGPAL point = 0.01 GBP gained

Therefore, should you change the currency type the next time you order, the currency of the amount you would have gained via the points would also be automatically changed accordingly.
To check how many points you own, first log into your OGPAL account; the amount can then be found on the “My Points” section, under the “My OGPAL” tab.  

Attention: The points that have been obtained last year will automatically expire this year, so please pay attention to the expiration date of your points to use them before it’s too late. OGPAL Points can be applied on neither Game Account orders nor CSGO orders.

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