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There are 4 delivery methods available for orders of virtual game gold/objects: Face to Face, Mail in the game, Comfort trade & Auction house

1. Face to Face:
Our delivery man logs into the game to meet you at a specific meeting point to proceed to the delivery. Therefore, you need to be online at the same time as him to receive your order.

2. Mail in the game:
Our deliveryman will deliver your order by mail box in the game. You do not need to be online for the delivery to happen, but please check your mail box in the game when the status of your order is “delivered” on OGPAL.

3. Comfort trade :
Our delivery man logs into your account to drop off your order.
If you choose this method, please provide us with the username, the password, the Email address, etc…, of your account. 
Once the order is successful, an Email will be sent to you and will notably include the new password and the screenshots proving the success of the delivery. 
For safety’s sake, please change all the passwords you had given us after having received the Email.

4. Auction house:
Our delivery man buys the object you have put on sale in the game’s auction house. 
Therefore, after placing your order on OGPAL, if you “Auction house” as the delivery method, you must also choose an object that you are about to put on sale in the game, as well as its quantity. (To quickly find the object and to speed up the delivery, we have put some common objects in the menu for you to choose)

Note: If you buy game accounts or keys of games/Game cards, your orders will be delivered by Email, so please provide a valid Email address to receive your orders.

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