Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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Archeage Gold

Like all the games with PVP modes, ArcheAge is full of players that compete against each other, which obviously makes the environment very intense.

Whether you play the game to fight for glory, to conquer the world or to build a world, you definitely need to do everything that is in your power to be the best. Because improving your equipments, buying resources and essential elements will help you in your quest, you need to own ArcheAge Gold in order not to be left behind. 

Why buy Archeage Gold at OGPAL?
Thanks to our experience, we have acquired a reputation that favors us a trusted relationship among our suppliers and payments partners, and hence allow us to have in-stock and cheap gold for all the servers. 
Indeed, thanks to our efficient network, we can provide you with very quick and safe 24/7 services, as 95% of the orders are usually delivered within 10 minutes after placing the order.

How to receive your Archeage Gold?
Orders are all sent via The “Auction House” delivery method: 
You first need to place your order on OGPAL and indicate the item you are about to put on sale in the game, as well as its quantity. (To allow us to quickly find your object and hence speed up the delivery, we have put some common objects in the menu for you to ) 
Once the order is placed, please contact us via our Live Chat Support (available 24/7) to provide us with the information regarding the object you are selling, so that we can buy it at the amount you have specified on OGPAL. 

What do we guarantee?
Your trades are 100% safe with us! Accounts suspensions and confiscation of Archeage Gold by TRION because of a trade with OGPAL are unlikely. However, should one of these situations actually happen and the involvement of OGPAL is confirmed, we will make it up to you by either re-delivering the Archeage Gold you had bought, or by refunding you the entire amount.

The continents of ArcheAge are within your reach! Come buy your ArcheAge Gold at OGPAL now, and achieve all your goals in the game!


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