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[GUIDE] Basic Euro Guide

1. What is SRO-Euro exactly
2. What is different from SRO-China
3. The new builds and skills
4. The party system
5. Maps

1. What is SRO-Euro exactly

    Euro can be seen as a large map extension with new characters to choose from.
The map will be extended to the left side of Hotan, and in the end will be twice as
big as the current map that contains only China.

    Euro will contain new characters, but will not be a seperate sro. The characters
can meet and job/grind together, but they cannot wear eachothers gear or cast
eachothers skills.

2. What is different from SRO-China

    There are actually 2 big differences from SRO-China.

1. The builds.
    Euro builds are all party based. That means that the characters all have their own
specialties concerning skills. On their own, it is hard for them to survive, but in the
right combination party, they are close to unstoppable.

2. The masteries.
    We all know that the chinese characters have 300 mastery points to distribute.
The europese characters start off with a certain amount of mastery points and will gain
new mastery points to distribute each level. This is the reason why they all have
specialties; they dont have enough mastery points to distribute for having more than
2 masteries on a decent level. Most builds therefor have one main mastery and
a sub mastery approx. 5 levels below it.
    For example, you can be a cleric (healer) as main with wizard skills (nukes) as sub.

3. The parties.
    As i said before, Euro is party based. I will discuss this matter further on in the guide.

3. The new builds and skills
    Below is a link to the Characters & Skills big sticky. I have added the Euro skills in
this topic. I do not have enough information on the builds to make a proper guide yet.

4. The party system
    The best thing imo is the party system of Europe. The different builds can party up and
grind together, getting the same amount of xp and sp every time a mob is killed. This is
the main reason why it is fun to play a healer in Euro, while in China some people got
bored of it because healing did not provide them with experience or skillpoints.

    There are 2 types of monsters in Euro (not counting uniques)

1. Solo mobs
    These mobs are just the regular mobs you can easily handle on your own level. You get
some xp for it on a solo grind, but almost nothing when you grind them with a party.

2. Party mobs
    These mobs are the same level as the regular mobs, but they have more HP and more attack
damage. Therefor, these mobs are to be killed with a party of players. This mob will provide
the party with a lot of xp and sp.

    How to recognize party mobs:

    The party mobs have a blue icon in front of the mob's name. If you go on a solo grind,
you want to evade these mobs.

5. Maps
    Below is a link to the Guides & Tutorials big sticky. I have added the Euro maps in this
topic. I have not been able to get all maps translated yet. Still working on that.


    If there are any suggestions on this guide, or improvements/updates, i am happy to hear
them. I made this in a very short time since there were many questions about the Euro update.

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