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Lineage 2

Some skill tips of Lineage 2

Weapon Special Abilities, also known as SA's, are available on a wide variety of C, B, A and S grade weapons in the game. Each weapon, except dual weapons, can have a choice of 1 out of 3 special abilities and you can never have more than 1 special ability on a weapon. Dual Swords get 1 set special ability and do not get to chose Special Ability. Weapon SA's are non-transferable, so if you want to exchange or upgrade your weapon at Blacksmith of Mammon you will have to remove your SA from the weapon first. (This can be done by the Black marketer of mammon found in most major towns)

Tip1. How to get special ability (SA) on your weapon.

Weapons not listed on the SA list: These weapons cannot receive special abilities in any way.

Dual Swords : Dual Swords gain their special ability by enchanting them to +4, then they will receive the assigned special ability automatically. Be warned enchanting a weapon from +3 to +4 has a chance of destroying the weapon, leaving you with crystals of the grade type of the dual swords

Any other weapon listed: Any other weapon can receive their SA regardless of enchanted status. To apply SA to a weapon, you will need a crystal of appropriate stage (level) and color, then go to a blacksmith and pay for having the SA applied to the weapon, payment will be in appropriate grade gemstones + money. Example: If you want to have the Haste Special Ability on an Art of Battle Axe (highest B-grade blunt), you will have to acquire a stage 10 blue crystal, 339 b-grade gemstones and money, then go to a blacksmith, tell him you want to enhance your weapon, select the Special Ability from the list (the weapon has to be in your inventory) and click ok, you will now get the weapon with SA in your inventory. Enchantments on a weapon are not lost when you apply your SA, and a weapon with an SA can be further enhanced without losing the SA (unless you fail the enchant and shatter the actual weapon). Its worth it to note that if you fail a blessed enchant weapon (rare enchant weapon scrolls available from high level raid bosses and olympiad), you do not lose the weapon or the SA.

A listing of all Special Abilities can be found on our SA Data Page.

Tip2. Crystals Guide

Crystals can be gained in 1 of 2 ways. Either they can be bought from other players or you can take the quest Enhance your weapon and level up a crystal yourself. Blacksmiths will tell you exactly what level crystal you will need for your weapon if you take it to him and ask him to enhance your weapon. If you do not have the weapon available, here is a rough listing of needed levels. A complete listing can be found here.

Crystal Level Type Weapons (examples)
Stage 5 C-grade (lowest) Cursed Dagger
Stage 6 C-grade (low-mid) Stiletto
Stage 7 C-grade (high-mid) Dwarven Warhammer, War Axe, etc.
Stage 8 C-grade (highest) Samurai Longsword, Eminence Bow, Orcish Poleaxe, Ghoul Staff, Demon Staff, etc.
Stage 9 B-grade (Low) Keshanbrek
Stage 10 B-grade (High) Sword of Damascus, Art of Battleaxe, Bow of Peril, etc.
Stage 11 A-grade (Low) Meteor Shower, Carnage Bow
Stage 12 A-grade (High) Branch of the World Tree, Soul Bow
Stage 13 S-grade Arcana Mace, Draconic Bow

Tip3. Leveling a crystal to stage 10

1. You will need a crystal, these are standard inventory items and can be gained through the quest Enhance your weapon . You will only receive 1 crystal of the color of your choosing, but you can get more by taking the crystal out of your inventory (either dropping it on the ground, trading it to someone else or putting it in warehouse), then talking to the quest NPC again. There is no limit to how many crystals you can carry otherwise.

2. You will then need to level the crystal by finding the appropriate monsters on the list further down. Since crystals can break often, it is advised that you level several crystals at once, but be aware that you can only have 1 crystal in your inventory when you're leveling them or it won't work, so either deposit the crystals on the ground hidden away or have a friend along that carries the crystals for you. Then decide a strategy of either leveling them in stages by doing the lower levels of the crystals on low level monsters, then moving upwards to harder and harder monster, or you can simply do all the levels on a harder monster.

3. To attempt at leveling a crystal, you will need to do the following to the monster:

Hurt it to below half hit points. (if monster is healed, it cannot go above half hit points, or you have to reduce it again and use the crystal again)
Use crystal on it (either double click from inventory or have the crystal in your hot bar)
Get last hit on the monster
When the monster dies, one of several things will happen:

Event Cause
Nothing Happens You either:
1. Did it wrong by using the crystal too early or didn't get last hit.
2. The monster is too low level for your character level (deep blue).
3. Are using it on a monster that cannot be used to level a crystal.
4. You don't have the quest to level crystals.
The soul crystal resonates You have more than 1 crystal on you. You may only level crystals if you have one crystal on you
The soul crystal was not able to absorb a soul You are using the crystal correct and the monster is the correct type, it just failed to level, try again
The soul crystal succeeded in absorbing a soul
You succeeded in leveling the crystal, the crystal will disappear and be replaced by a crystal 1 stage higher. (beware, this removes the crystal from your hot bar)
The soul crystal shatters You are using the crystal correctly and the monster is the correct type, but the leveling attempt failed catastrophically and the crystal is destroyed forever, disappears from your inventory and all stages are lost with no compensation. You will have to start on a new crystal to continue.
The soul crystal is refusing to absorb a soul You are using the crystal correctly, but the monster is too low for this stage of crystal, you will need a higher level monster.


It does not matter who damages the monster to below 50%.
If the monster goes above 50% again (heals, regenerating, etc.), you will have to damage it below 50% again and use the crystal, or it won't work.
If multiple people uses a crystal on the monster, its only the person who gets last hit that gets a level attempt on that mob
Deep blue mobs do not level crystals
Very important C4 chance: In Chronicle 4 monsters only refuse to absorb a soul if you use it on a monster that can't level the crystal any further AND you would normally have succeeded in leveling. Otherwise the crystal will act like its still trying to absorb the soul, giving the illusion that the monster can level further than it actually can.

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