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Secure In-Game Marketplace Partnership

Outspark, the company behind Fiesta Online, has announced that they have entered into a partnership with Playspan to provide "a secure in-game marketplace".

“As a game portal, publisher and distributor, Outspark delivers a community- driven, online gaming destination for our nearly 3 million users,” said Susan Choe, Founder & CEO, Outspark. “PlaySpan’s in-game technology and player-to-player micro-transaction network provides an easy to use, secure experience that will make it possible for our users to enjoy an open market filled with the hundreds of unique virtual items available in Fiesta.”


Within Fiesta, players create and guide their characters through a richly detailed and engaging world. While the game is free to download and play, the experience is further enhanced through the purchase of premium in-game items like clothing, pets, power-ups and other accessories players can use to enhance and customize their virtual characters.


PlaySpan’s accessible in-game widget technology will make the buying and selling of virtual items between users fun and easy while allowing players to stay in the game throughout transactions. The integrated service will also provide Outspark users with a safe and secure environment for trading.


“Outspark is one of the fastest growing online destinations in interactive entertainment for internet users worldwide,” said Karl Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, PlaySpan Inc. “Outspark’s selection of PlaySpan is another major milestone of publisher endorsement for our market leadership in providing publisher-sponsored in-game marketplaces.”

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