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DFO Gold

Gold in DFO is very useful, also in the process of upgrading is crucial!
       Hunting in packs, and slipped through the cracks in the folds of land that infect them, usually in large numbers. We must indeed be called the DFO Gold, all He teak Big Pack, an animal giant radial many of his Berth viscous stirring pain can count on you. He is known for eating its prey in a dazzling mud, before the ink is completely shroud. So when the lights go out, watch for the attack. Light Castellan Segar: In the darkest, most intimate room in the Sky Tower, the bright light burning bolts of lightning lit room Segar lord. Dungeon Fighter Gold here! A thousand years ago, he led his army, hacking and beating, in this mystical castle, and today they remain strong echo of a bygone era. When he finally reached Segar, it will remain on its lightning call, wherever you may be hidden, so the move.
        Lanky Lotus: The Apostle eighth largest lanky Lotus is powerful enough to wreak havoc Behemoth easily, simply with the force of his mind sharp. However, it is an object of Dungeon Fighter Gold in the temple of this insidious mentalists, who becomes He teaks everything falls to his brain than save.
       You can invite a few friends to go brush Bing Xian, only two can turn a tired brand, luck is good, fatigue, covered with the equipment used up I expect Of the bar, of course, is also a lot of purple, then what is waiting for his own do not have a quick shot of the bar.

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