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Maple Story Mesos

The Maplestory Mesos we sell are NOT sourced from maplestory hacks, cheats, or bot's. OgPal is commited to provide you fast mesos delivery, reasonable price and safe trades!  Our agents work 24/7, non-stop.

After you purchase Mesos, please contact us via livechat to verify your order first. After the order verification, our Delivery Agent will contact you at once in game, and will set up a meeting place in the Free Market.

If you have a store card, you will have no extra cost, we pay all in-game tax for your mesos.

  • We will gift you a free store card (1800 nx, Permit) If you have no one but buy more than 10000M mesos.
  • We will offer you a lighting speed delivery (One time trade) in the game.

If MapleStory Mesos or NX is what you need, OgPal is the best destination for all of your maple needs! Check out the links below to purchase NX!

Maple Story Nexon Cash Card >>Maple Story Nexon Cash Code>>Cash Shop

You could also Sell Maple Story Mesos to us, buy Maplestory Items from us.

Disclaim: OgPal will not ask mesos back under any excuse after the trade is completed. Any Mesos that are lost for any reason after the trade is completed, including rollbacks from Nexon are not a responsibility of OgPal.



"These sellers are fast and quick.. even the live help isnt on, and you make your purchase, 5minutes later , they pm and pay you in the game right away after you reply ur payment in ur email :) 11/10 reccomended.. lvl88 hermit in scania for maplystory.. "

Client : Anthony

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