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Atlantica Online

Cheap Atlantica Online US NX

How we trade you cheap NX

1. Visit, log in with your Atlantica Online US Account which you want to get NX

2. Choose the game Maplestory and click it to play. You need download it if you have no client for it.

3. Level your maplestory character to 10

4. Sell an item (5000 mesos is necesary) in MTS for NX. Check maplestory nexon card for detail.

5. If you don't want to download the maplestory client, if you don't want level your maplestory account to 10, if you have no 5000 Mesos, just let ogpal do this for you. All we need is your nexon id and password, it is will be safe for you since we have no your pin. Ogpal will do everything for you in 30 minutes.

The first time trade might be complicated, but you will enjoy cheaper nx always after it. Save your money, buy Cheap NX now.

Product Info

Atlantica Online Nexon Cash Cheap NX 50000

[ $61.50 ]

Available Options:
  1. PayPal Accepted  Accepted
  2. Moneybookers Accepted  Accepted
  3. GoogleCheckout Accepted  Accepted
  4. Western Union Accepted  Accepted
  5. Paysafecard Accepted  Accepted


"Way too fast for their own good! Pretty much instant. Trustworthy, cheap, and reliable service."

Client : Andrew

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