How To Sell CS:GO Items

Step 1:Sign in through your Steam Account.

Step 2:Return to IGVault,enter a valid Email,then click “next”.An verification Email will be sent to that email, Please click the link in email to complete the registration process.


Step 3:After Signed in,Click the START SELLING Button in the upper right corner on CS:GO Homepage.

Step 4:Check if your Steam Account meet the conditions for Item Trade

● Steam Trade URL Available

● Profile Status & Inventory Public (As the left)

● Steam Guard active for 7 days

● No Steam password change within the last 7 days

Enter your Steam trade URL, Click “Save” Button ,then Click “Refresh Steam Inventory” Button.


Step 5:After “Refresh Steam Inventory” , the item,enter the selling price,Then click the “Sell” Button,await Robot response。When Complete,Click "Accept Steam Offer" .

Step 6:Please Accept the offer in steam in 10 Minutes. Please confirm the robot account to prevent fraud.

Step 7:After you accepted our offer, you may check your item status under tag "Selling".

If you have any further problems,Please contact our Live Chat.